Film isn’t consumed the same way it was 10 years ago. Our in-house production team specializes in telling your story in a way that’s meant to be watched by the modern world.

Video accounts for nearly 80% of all online traffic. Reading stinks, watching rules and limited attention spans make not using video in everything you do a mistake. In an era when consumers chew up and spit out videos like a bag of sunflower seeds, AREX Films is uniquely designed to create a wealth of captivating content fit for those who get easily distracted.

Instead of spending time and money searching for a great director on every shoot, we hired top talent to lead our in-house division. Now, every project — big or small — gets the critical eye of a Clios, Cannes Lions, ADC and Emmy award-winning vet. Additionally, our in-house editing capability allows us to maintain strict quality control by keeping this critical step inside our walls. The result? We get the content to market fast, with no translation required by outsiders.

With video, we do what you never thought to do. We do what you’re not supposed to do. And that’s what makes it so impossible for consumers to ignore.

Broadcast Commercials

Time is money and we all know typical commercial production can take a lot of both. In our new-world model, commercial production is no longer reserved to the well-funded. Our nimble in-house team compresses the ideation and planning phases to make creative, quality content without the headache and time requirements of days gone by.

Brand Films

What does your brand live for, beyond making money? A brand film is an ultra-effective way of capturing the meaning and motivation behind your company, acting as a rallying cry for employees and likeminded consumers. Brand films capture your audience — rather than trying to sell them — by connecting them to your unique story emotionally through entertainment.

Social Media & Web Content

With consumer interest swaying toward video and social platforms optimizing their feeds to show more of it, video needs to be part of your social strategy. Not only is it what your audience wants, it’s more effective. Video ads generate higher engagement and more click-throughs than traditional static ads. We specialize in creating contagious content that’s specifically intended to be consumed on social, mobile and the web.

Live-Event Capture for Social

A lot of time and energy go into planning and pulling off great events. The issue, however, is that only a certain number of people can actually attend. Filming your live events for social broadcast greatly extends your reach — and greatly extends the value of events

6-Second Snackable Content

Dwindling attention spans and the need to have media dollars reach further have given rise to the six-second spot. Simple, yet powerfully poignant, telling a story in 180 frames allows your audience to fill in the blanks and become more deeply ingrained with your brand. And snackable content is proving its value — generating recall effectiveness that outweighs traditional formats.

AR & VR Video

360-degree video, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) provide emotive, transformative experiences for your audience — whether they’re at an event you’re hosting or viewing through their device from afar. Our seasoned teams instinctively understand how to develop and produce immersive video that will make your brand its most compelling.