From the ever-expanding number of channels available to talk to customers to the ever-evolving ways in which creativity can be applied to those channels, advertising changes every day. To keep our clients at the forefront of what’s next, we demand that every employee of the agency become an advanced student of the business. This not only means studying the verticals in which our clients live, but also looking at the creative industry at large to be inspired from every corner of the world. Being staffed with people who are naturally curious about pop culture, consumer psychology and bleeding edge innovation certainly helps that charge.

The result is consistently clever, out-of-the-box, attention-grabbing answers to the puzzles our clients pose to us. We are constantly seeking out new ways of using marketing to strengthen our clients’ competitive position, increase top-of-mind awareness and drive more revenue. When you have dozens of people working for dozens of clients over many decades in this way, you get exceptionally smart, exceptionally fast about getting to what’s next before the rest of the world does.

Brand Positioning

With our consumer-centric approach to integrated campaigns, we surround your audience with creative marketing that builds awareness, brand affinity and leads to purchase. Through highly-original concepts and strategic media planning, you receive the most impact possible for your budget.


Retailers want the same thing as consumers: something they’ve never seen. Over the last 50 years, we’ve perfected a unique formula for getting attention with ideas that shake up the shelf. We start with a winning brand position, then turn your package into a billboard for that compelling promise. Shoppers can’t resist.

Social Media

AREX is fully immersed in the social space and understands the need for brand visibility, reputation and conversation to help create a virtuous cycle of customer loyalty. We know social is more than just “tweeting.” It’s an ecosystem built of people, brands, organizations and technologies. And without a carefully thought-out and executed engagement strategy — with interesting ideas leading the way — brand stories turn to noise.

Brand Identity

A powerful visual identity can be a serious differentiator. Our design teams are experts at taking your brand’s unique DNA, along with your vision, and distilling it into pure visual form. Brand identity packages typically include a distinct logo, colors, typefaces, graphic elements and an image style that, when combined, bring dimension to your brand and create an emotional attachment to it for consumers.


Your company or product name is often the first interaction people have with your brand. So it has to be right. For us, that means it consists of words and sounds designed to evoke emotion and recall, and accurately convey your position, tone and values.