Digital has the ability to solve complex business problems, oftentimes in ways that no other method of marketing can. Through our proven process, we uncover opportunities in which digital can be implemented β€” or implemented in a more optimized way β€” to create real value for your customers. We examine the rich data around the customer journey to find holes that can be bridged with digital solutions, allowing you to deliver the best possible experience for customers.

No matter your industry, unique digital offerings can build value for your brand far beyond competitors β€” becoming a true differentiator for your company. In all cases, we look to apply technical advancements across your entire business and digital ecosystem that are useful to consumers, sustainable for the long term and lucrative for you

Strategy & UI/UX

The first step in any digital project involves an agreement on objectives, audience, as well as functional and content requirements. Then, we move into developing the user landscape. Traditional UX is derived from requirements documentation and meetings only. Our objective in using a lean UX approach is to iterate early and often β€” creating a functioning prototype that encourages feedback, allows us to test and prove assumptions, and leads to the optimal user experience before we ever begin creative.

Web/Mobile Design & Development

We were at the forefront of the creative revolution in digital technology and continue to push boundaries today to produce award-winning experiences. At AREX, design and technology work hand in hand to collaborate on the best approach, ensuring the user experience is the motivator for every decision we make. Deep technical expertise allows us to excel across many established and emerging platforms and advanced analytics tell us when and where we’ve unleashed ROI for your brand.


At AREX, we understand the intricacies of selling online. But commerce isn’t just about a product sale. It’s about telling your story to the right person in the best way possible. In building user-centric e-commerce sites, our development team is comfortable using standalone e-commerce platforms, customizing systems and even building our own from scratch. There are merits to going in any of these directions, but it takes understanding your customers, products and objectives to pick the correct solution.

Application Development

Applications have the power to elevate your brand with consumers through personalization, usefulness and convenience. We achieve this end by connecting your brand position to the technological experience in a way that’s uniquely yours. Our distributed approach to building apps allows us to build a single piece of technology that be utilized across multiple operating systems, including iOS and Android, giving us a higher level of efficiency and controlled costs.

CRM & Database Marketing

The power of your marketing is not only in your message, but in the audience you’re targeting. AREX has a long history of creating effective CRM and database campaigns that can grow your audience, drive action and increase revenue. Through design, messaging and segmentation, we personalize the experience, so people find value in what you’re saying. Our test-learn-optimize approach allows us to weed out what’s not working and continue doing what’s effective β€” delivering your message to the intended audience in the most efficient, meaningful and memorable way.