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HIPAA Compliant WordPress

Fully Managed HIPAA Website

ArexCloud’s Managed WordPress for HIPAA is a highly secure and HIPAA compliant publishing platform for WordPress. Medical practices and other handlers of information sensitivity appreciate WordPress for its ease of use, variety of plugin themes and online portal features, while at its core, WordPress software is not secure for the storage or transfer of ePHI (electronically protected health information).

Managed WordPress for HIPAA is designed to keep your site up and running, ensuring the most recent version of MySQL and PHP (two components vital to running WordPress), audit controls to log site access for any activity that involves ePHI, configuring of sFTP for secure updates, and recommended plugins: Enforcing strong passwords.

24-hour Backup Monitoring.

Inherited Compliance Controls.

Database Connectivity.

Advanced Analytics and Correlation.

Review Plugins.

Automate Your Backups.

Establishment of Permissions.

Audit Controls to Log Site Access.

Plugins for Enhanced Security.

Patches & Updates.

Security Hardening.

Scanning for Malware.

Nginx Server Configuration.

sFTP Configuration.

Intrusion Detection Services.

Managed Firewall Services.

Hardware Security.

100% Data Encryption.

Focus on Patient Care Knowing your Data is Secure

Keep Your Data Safe

Protect Healthcare Data

Save Money with Linux

Scale Quickly

When you think of all these controls, it becomes apparent that a big piece of any HIPAA-compliant WordPress site is, in fact, the hosting . As one said , β€œAnybody planning to build a HIPAA-compliant site needs to host in a HIPAA-compliant environment.”

Before you can build HIPAA-compliant WordPress, you need a web host that has the healthcare IT knowledge to set up a system that will truly protect you from a HIPAA breach. At Arex Cloud, our healthcare hosting is SOC 2 TYPE II and SOC 3 TYPE II certified and HIPAA audited, designed to secure critical data and records, and HIPAA WordPress Installations.

HIPAA-compliant WordPress hosting starts with risk analysis.

You should get assurance that the system you are using to serve your HIPAA-compliant WordPress installation is able to properly safeguard the data.