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Healthcare Solutions from Arex HOSTING

HIPAA Healthcare

HIPAA- and HITRUST-Compliant Cloud Solutions Deliver Flexibility and Peace of Mind

HIPAA compliant, HITRUST certified, and backed by our trusted expertise.

Software companies, healthcare providers, and other covered entities can realize significant efficiency and operational improvements by leveraging the cloud. The challenge is properly architecting a fully compliant solution that protects confidential data such as electronic health records (EHR) or electronic medical records (EMR). This is where ArexCloud’s array of compliant hosting solutions comes in!

Arex is a HITRUST-certified and HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting provider, offering a range of BAA-backed and third-party-reviewed HIPAA solutions. Our cloud hosting solutions include a HIPAA-compliant platform that adheres to industry-standard security requirements set by the HITRUST Alliance framework. As a result, we offer a more complete healthcare feature set than many of our competitors, and an industry-leading, 15-minute security incident response plan.

Comprehensive Arex Fully Compliant Solutions

Arex offers HITRUST-certified and HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting solutions based on managed dedicated servers or private cloud solutions. Regardless of which infrastructure you select, you can be assured that you are securing your clients’ protected healthcare information—and your business.

Managed Dedicated Servers

Single-tenant servers provide cost-effective compute, and protection of ePHI data and business critical IT assets.

Primary Use Cases

Maximum hardware and software configurability

Ideal for less complex workloads (ie. database hosting, archival, etc.)

Security Solution

Dedicated security appliance on top of dedicated compliant stack

Managed Private Cloud

Microsoft Hyper-V private cloud configured in a high-availability (HA) cluster provides rapid scalability with virtual machines.

Primary Use Cases

Familiar tool sets and API for easy resource management

Predictable billing, performance, and uptime with dedicated, isolated clusters.

Ideal for highly-scalable, HITRUST-certified, HIPAA-compliant SaaS platforms, virtual desktop (VDI) environments, and compute-intensive applications (EHR, EMR, back office)

Security Solution

Security solution installed on the hypervisor for agent less security management

Includes easy-to-use security templates for virtual firewall, intrusion detection, anti-virus, and log management

Both Solutions Include:


Intrusion Detection Services: Internal and external vulnerability scanning, real-time intrusion detection, alerting, and remediation

Managed Firewall Services: Whitelisting, blacklisting, site-to-site VPN, redundancy

Log Management Services: Virtualized log collection appliances configuration, alerting, 12-months archival, monthly log reviews

Hardware Security: Anti-virus protection and updates, hardened servers, software layer encryption

100% Data Encryption: Safeguard your ePHI data

Managed Services

Premier Support: 24/7 access to HITRUST-certified and HIPAA-trained IT staff with 30 minute response time guarantee and quarterly security reviews

Patch Management: Stay up to date on supported operating systems (Windows 2016, Debian)

Management Portal: Centralized, easy-to-use ArexCloud management portal with customized reporting


100% Up-Time Guarantee: Redundant network, constant power and cooling

Compliant and Audited: SSAE16, SOC 2 Type II data centers, HITRUST CSF, HIPAA AOC, audit assistance

Annual Penetration Testing: Internal and external

Fully-Compliant Healthcare Solutions

Arex HITRUST- and HIPAA-compliant solution bundles address all three facets of HIPAA compliance, along with an industry-defined security common security framework, providing administrative, physical, and technical safeguards. We offer a combination of outstanding managed services, best-in-class compliant solutions, proven onboarding plans, and competitive pricing to make HIPAA compliance a no-brainer.


Telehealth is the use of communications technologies to provide health care from a distance. These technologies may include computers, cameras, videoconferencing, the Internet, and satellite and wireless communications. Some examples of telehealth include

Benefits and Potential Uses of Telehealth

Telehealth services can facilitate public health mitigation strategies during this pandemic by increasing social distancing. These services can be a safer option for HCP and patients by reducing potential infectious exposures. They can reduce the strain on healthcare systems by minimizing the surge of patient demand on facilities and reduce the use of PPE by healthcare providers.

Maintaining continuity of care to the extent possible can avoid additional negative consequences from delayed preventive, chronic, or routine care. Remote access to healthcare services may increase participation for those who are medically or socially vulnerable or who do not have ready access to providers. Remote access can also help preserve the patient-provider relationship at times when an in-person visit is not practical or feasible.

Getting care at home, especially for people who can't easily get to their providers' offices

Getting care from a specialist who is not close by

Getting care after office hours

More communication with your providers

Better communication and coordination between health care providers

More support for people who are managing their health conditions, especially chronic conditions such as diabetes

Lower cost, since virtual visits may be cheaper than in-person visits