What Is A Private Search Engine?

Broadly speaking, a private search engine is a search engine that does not sell or share your data. There are two main types of private search engines.

β€’ Anonymous search engines.Β 

β€’ Subscription-based private search engines.

β€œPrivate” Or Incognito Browsing Modes VS. Private Search Engines

The difference between private search engines and β€œprivate” browsing modes lies in who your search data is being kept privateΒ from.

This can be a great tool if you’re using a shared computer, but it won’t protect your data from any websites you might use, including search engines. This is why it’s entirely possible to see targeted ads based on searches you did while in β€œprivate” or Incognito mode.
To search the internet without having your personal data shared and sold to third-party sources, you’ll need to use a private search engine.
When you open a private browsing window, you’re basically letting the browser know that you don’t want it to store any information (such as your search history or logins) in your current search session.

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How To Choose The Best Private Search Engine

When you use a private search engine, you can have a more active role in how your data is collected and used, but you should expect some tradeoffs. If you’re considering switching your default search engine to something a little more privacy-friendly, here are the main factors to consider.

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