Media and Entertainment industry has evolved tremendously in the past few years. Digitization and newer technologies have radically changed the trend of emerging media environment. From interactive gaming, films, music, broadcast radio, TV, to live entertainment are transforming this industry completely to a new world of media and entertainment. Wireless enablement, social media and device proliferation are changing the media environment, often shifting the balance of power towards consumers, who now have tools to manage and consume a nearly limitless volume of content.


Working in media and entertainment is challenging and exciting. Media and entertainment workers are the first to learn the news and have the opportunity to help disseminate it to the public.

Many of the jobs give media and entertainment workers the chance to meet and/or work with top celebrities and newsmakers. Even receptionists and office workers can encounter celebrities during their workdays.

Simplifying the Retail Sector in the Global Market Place

We have expertise in implementing and integrating with leading retail and e-commerce applications while also providing smart insights through business analytics. AREX has a dedicated group focusing on various IT solutions for Retail and are competent to provide a comprehensive suite of services and solutions to retailers across the globe. In addition to this, we offer consulting services which helps retailers to define their business strategies, select the right technology platform and re-engineer their business processes with par excellence.

Our Retail solutions encompass the use of the latest technology and best e-commerce platform for quick web development and timely delivery of the applications. As a technology solution provider coupled with the experience in the Retail industry, we are well positioned to offer a great value proposition and also offers retailers the solutions and services to automate their IT systems with the best ROI. We work closely with you to provide solutions that address operational challenges, optimize business performance, reduce cost, improve margins and constantly sharpen the competitive advantage.

Our Media and Entertainment Portfolio and Capability include:

  • Digital Media Content Publishing
  • Online Marketing & Campaign Management System
  • Native Mobile Application Development
  • Multi-Channel Distribution Platforms (B2B)
  • Broadcasting Applications
  • Social Networking Portal
  • Web Content Management Solutions
  • Cross-platform Mobile Application Development
  • Enterprise Systems and Business Intelligence

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