The retail industry have re-defined the traditional way of doing business with the fast and emerging trends that have potential to be a game-changers for the retail industry. The retailers are changing ways to the growing needs of consumer’s response by creating a truly integrated relationship. We build a competitive advantage through our innovative business solutions and comprehensive portfolio of offerings.

Simplifying the Retail Sector in the Global Market Place

We have expertise in implementing and integrating with leading retail and e-commerce applications while also providing smart insights through business analytics. Brainvire has a dedicated group focusing on various IT solutions for Retail and are competent to provide a comprehensive suite of services and solutions to retailers across the globe. In addition to this, we offer consulting services which helps retailers to define their business strategies, select the right technology platform and re-engineer their business processes with par excellence.

Our Retail solutions encompass the use of the latest technology and best e-commerce platform for quick web development and timely delivery of the applications. As a technology solution provider coupled with the experience in the Retail industry, we are well positioned to offer a great value proposition and also offers retailers the solutions and services to automate their IT systems with the best ROI. We work closely with you to provide solutions that address operational challenges, optimize business performance, reduce cost, improve margins and constantly sharpen the competitive advantage.

More and more customers are now looking for value for money in all their purchases, hence it has become imperative for retailers and retail solution providers to design software solutions such as online e-commerce applications, store management, merchandise management, POS applications that optimizes business processes and allows seamless implementation of innovative thought processes driving the retail business chain and thereby providing the customers with a great shopping experience.

Five Forces in Global Retail

  1. β€œAlt. Retail” Entrenches and Matures
    Alternative retail models such as rental, resale and service-driven formats are moving retail beyond its traditional focus of selling (new) products.
  2. Inclusivity Moves from Marketing to Product
    Brands’ and retailers’ pursuit of greater inclusivity is no longer about just marketing
  3. Western Retailers Nudge Closer to China’s Retail Models
    China leads the world in digitalized retailing.
  4. Supply-Side Technologies Will Make Retail Even Faster
    New and emerging technology (or new and emerging applications of existing technology) will enable retailers to move faster and operate leaner.
  5. Sustainability Concerns Will Prompt Incremental Reshaping of Consumer and Retailer Activity
    We have seen sustainability grow in significance for a few years

Our Retail Portfolio and Capabilities include

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Retail ERP Development
  • Intelligent Inventory Planning and Management System
  • Lead Management System
  • Retail Loyalty Program
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Vendor Management System
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Secondary Sales Management System
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Expense Management System
  • POS Development & Implementation

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