Machine to Machine Authorization

‷ Trusted M2M Interactions •

Machine to Machine Authorization

‷ Trusted M2M Interactions •

What is IoT

Internet of Things (IoT)

Using IoT device identities instead of user identities is a game-changer for securing your IoT ecosystem. It streamlines the process and adds an extra layer of security. By leveraging device identities, you ensure only authorized devices access your IoT network, minimizing risks and providing a robust security framework for your infrastructure.

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‷ M2M Auth •

How M2M Authorization Works in IoT

In IoT, M2M authorization is crucial for secure and efficient machine communications. It allows connected devices to authenticate, exchange data, and perform actions based on predefined rules and permissions.

Secure Communications

Security Based on Standards

Rest easy and have peace of mind knowing that we prioritize security. Your API is protected with open standards, utilizing the OAuth2 Client Credentials Grant flow for secure communications.

Secure API Authentication for Non-Interactive Apps

Allow non-interactive apps such as app servers, Command Line Interfaces (CLIs), daemons, and others to consume your API safely and securely when no human involvement is required.