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No more waiting for hours in a walk-in clinic, or weeks to see your family doctor. Doctors on your schedule, book online

Customize your own Medical Clinics Booking system.

Design a professional and customized look for your booking website. Choose from our beautiful brand new fully responsive templates to fit your company brand. You can even choose the most convenient way for your clients to see your booking availability such as by class, time or staff.

Essential features of an online appointment system

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Arex supports almost any industries that provide services

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Make it automatic your booking process with Arex

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Arex’s desing is based on latest design concepts.

Step-by-step Booking Wizard

Please watch the below video to make sure that Arex has the smooth booking process. Customers can quickly pick services, employees, location, date and time, and the payment details step-by-step.

All Features of Arex

Easy Appointments for You & Your Clients


Easy to Use Easy overview and management in a mobile responsive admin interface where you can see all upcoming and incoming bookings and change any settings you need.
Employee Management Any employee can have a different login access to see their upcoming bookings and where they can change their working hours if needed.
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