Domain Security Suite

DNS is a mission-critical service and is one of the most commonly attacked applications on the internet. Attackers are going after DNS like never before.In response, the US Department of Homeland security and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) have issued clear warnings and required measures enterprises should take to secure their DNS.By applying well-established defenses and best practices, every enterprise can avoid joining the growing list of companies that have fallen victim to DNS attacks.

Dual DNS Network Redundancy with Dedicated DNS

For the ultimate in DNS availability assurance, the Arex DomainSecurity Suite includes Dedicated DNS:

A fully managed, single tenant, globally anycasted DNS network dedicated to your zones

Physically and logically separate from the Arex Managed DNS network

Single pane of glass management

Support for full traffic management and DNSSEC

Arex gives your teams visibility into DNS usage that can provide insight into potential misuse by external actors:

Record-level reporting

Integrations with monitoring and reporting systems

Visibility into anomalous traffic, and unused records reports

Net fencing for the control to prevent your sites from receiving traffic from countries or regions you wish to exclude

Secure Management Access

Securing your DNS starts with strong access controls to DNS administration. The Arex platform supports a comprehensive suite of controls that meet and exceed the recommendations.

DNS hijacking is becoming more common as attackers find new and creative ways to subvert the DNS system into misdirecting users and applications to malicious sites.

Easy point and click or API implementation

Compatible with turnkey redundant DNS

Full traffic management for your signed zones

No other DNSSEC solution supports these capabilities

Security That is Good for Your Business

The Arex Domain Security Suite puts it all together. You get the tools and services you need to manage your DNS securely, efficiently and consistently deliver the performance your business needs to safely thrive on the internet.