Arex’s seasoned DNS experts deliver best-in-class support and have vast experience partnering with customers to develop and execute on their wish lists.

We've helped customers manage massive migrations from a variety of DNS providers, developed custom analyses to simplify record management, and partnered with them and their cloud providers to build personalized configurations. We're here for you.

We’ve designed a comprehensive offering to ensure your success, which our team can review with you in greater detail. This page includes a high-level summary of our onboarding, post-migration and support solutions as well as our available professional services.

Onboarding Services


Documentation & Training

Arex's expert Solutions Engineers will also lead portal training sessions to help introduce users to the UI and walk through features relevant to your configuration.


Customer Success Manager

Some service plans include access to a Customer Success Manager (“CSM"). Your CSM will help you get the most out of Arex's powerful platform, proactively identifying opportunities to optimize your setup and keeping you informed of product enhancements that align with your strategic initiatives.

Project Management

Project Management

We've partnered on hundreds of successful migrations and have developed a fine-tuned onboarding process. The first step in that process is a kick-off meeting where we'll work with you to develop a custom migration plan with clearly established timelines and action items for both teams. To keep our teams fully aligned throughout the migration process, your CSM will check in each week with a status update to review progress to date and upcoming action items. Some service plans include the option to supplement regular email communication by collaborating via Slack. This tool has been particularly valuable during the final stages of the migration as traffic is shifting to Arex's nameservers.


Migration Process

Arex's portal and API make it easy to import standard zone files, but our team is on-hand to assist with troubleshooting and automation when needed. Our team of experts is also eager to help you build and test custom Filter Chains that address more complex and dynamic routing use cases. One of the most critical steps of any migration is making sure DNS records have been imported properly and that there won't be any unexpected behavior for end users. We've developed comprehensive consistency checks to ensure just that. Next comes the traffic cutover, typically the most stressful part of any migration, which is made painless thanks to the efforts of Arex's Support team. We'll work closely with your team to monitor the flow of traffic to Arex and be ready to act should anything unexpected occur.

Post Migration

Business Reviews & Optimizations

After your migration is complete, we'll conduct a high-level conversation about your goals for the coming year and set a course for how Arex can help achieve these objectives. We'll reconvene to check our progress 1-2 times during the course of the year and then sync at the end of the year to measure our success and establish new objectives for the year ahead.

Once we have a clear understanding of your objectives, your CSM will start working to identify areas for improvement in your DNS configuration and partner with your team to implement key enhancements. We work closely with ArexDNS's Product and Engineering teams and have a keen understanding of which products/features will help you achieve your goals.


Arex offers a standard growth report to provide deeper insights into what is driving any significant query increases on your account. For customers with a large number of zones or thousands of records per zone, a custom growth report can be designed to help identify the top drivers of growth. Growth reports can be delivered on a regular cadence to help with monitoring regular usage and identifying sources of organic growth.

Arex can also determine if any records in your account have not received queries over the past 30 days. These data can then be used to purge "dead" records from your account and reduce clutter. Have a reporting need that’s not captured here? Let us know and we’ll see what our developers can whip up.