Technology Platform

Arex’s next-generation application traffic optimization platform gives you the most advanced features for modern applications with all the automation capabilities engineers need - designed to optimize, automate, and simplify your operational processes.

API First

Our DNS platform is designed with an “API First” architecture. Every function of our platform is enabled via a REST API – from our role based access controls to every setting on every DNS record. We built an intuitive and easy to use GUI on top of our APIs plus an impressive list of toolkit integrations and programmatic support that allows you to manage and automate the DNS your way. If you are struggling to automate with your old “CLI First” DNS platform then give ArexDNS a test drive.


We take performance seriously and it shows. Arex consistently delivers top tier DNS resolution times of under 30ms. This means your users get to your website faster. Compared to some of the major CDN and cloud providers, Arex will cut your DNS resolution times in half or even better. We’re also focused on propagation. Your DNS updates need to take effect in seconds, not minutes or hours. Your DNS updates are propagated to every one of our 28 POPs around the world in seconds.

Available, Reliable, and Secure

Nothing is more important than your DNS. Every aspect of the ArexDNS service is focused on ensuring 100% availability, performance and security. It starts with the network. Our globally anycasted network of POPS are connected to the multiple Tier 1 providers in every region, supplemented by connectivity from over 20 regional providers and 10 peering exchanges. The result is a self-healing IP network of unparalleled reach, capacity and performance.


Eliminate complexity of delivering network services across a hybrid cloud environment

Achieve frictionless connectivity between apps in the cloud and apps/data on premise by deploying Arex as the primary DNS.

Intelligent Traffic Management

You are investing in edge POPs, data centers, CDN and cloud for a reason – to provide great application performance at the lowest possible price. Traditional DNS platforms do very little to optimize your investment, typically just static geo approximations and fixed round robin load balancing. ArexDNS is the only DNS platform that has real time, end to end awareness of the infrastructure – from the state of the internet to the availability and load at each of your POPs. Using this rich set of network intelligence, ArexDNS delivers DNS responses that send each of your users to the optimal end point, ensuring they experience the best possible application performance.

The Filter Chain

Arex’s Filter Chain™ is a powerful yet easy to use drag and drop logic engine that allows you to create the traffic management rules that fit the needs of your business. Say you want to route users to the geographically closest, available data center that is no more than 85% utilized. Or maybe you want to automatically shift traffic into AWS to respond to a surge in demand. Or combine regional geofencing policies with performance based routing criteria to meet GDPR requirements. It’s all easy with Arex.

The ArexDNS Difference

Traditional DNS providers base their services on DNS software that was architected in the 1990’s. Infrastructure and applications have changed a lot since then. Arex designed a new DNS platform that lowers your IT overhead, enables more efficient use of your infrastructure and delivers better application performance where it counts - at your end user’s device. The results are impressive. Check out our customer stories and see how ArexDNS could help your business.

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