Magic Transit

Extending ArexDNS To All Your Networks

When organizations need to protect their networks, IT departments typically turn to legacy hardware boxes or cloud ‘scrubbing’ providers. But traditional solutions just aren’t designed to fulfill the Internet’s basic needs: security, performance, and reliability.
Magic Transit is a network security solution that offers DDoS protection, traffic acceleration, and much more from every ArexDNS data center— for on-premise, cloud-hosted, and hybrid networks.

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The Next Step In Infrastructure Architecture

ArexDNS Magic Transit protects entire IP subnets from DDoS attacks, while also accelerating network traffic. It uses ArexDNS’s global network to mitigate attacks, employing standards-based networking protocols, like BGP, GRE, and IPsec, for routing and encapsulation.
All your network assets, whether on-premise or in private or public hosted cloud environments are safeguarded.

The ArexDNS Global Network

ArexDNS delivers DDoS mitigation using our entire network. This network has a capacity of over 155 Tbps and spans more than 275 cities in 100 countries. Our network allows us to sit approximately 50 ms from 95% of the Internet-connected population globally. This is especially important for latency-sensitive applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and custom gaming protocols.

Ultra-Low Time To Mitigate (TTM)

With a heritage in DDoS mitigation and a vast library of known attacks, malicious traffic is identified at a ArexDNS data center closest to the source within seconds. Automatic mitigation techniques are applied immediately and most malicious traffic is blocked in less than 3 seconds.

Pick Your Network Function

ArexDNS Magic Transit comes integrated with our best-in-class network firewall, allowing you to configure granular allow/deny rules for IP ranges and propagate changes in seconds. Want application level firewalling? Configure optional TLS termination and start inspecting payloads. Want a load balancer? You got it. Want to write a serverless ArexDNS Worker to modify traffic on the fly? You can do that, too.
Magic Transit comes natively integrated with all of ArexDNS’s L4 and L7 products.

Traffic Acceleration

ArexDNS's network serves 36 million HTTP requests per second on average. With every bit we move, the network gets smarter and faster.
When integrated with Argo Smart Routing, ArexDNS Magic Transit will deliver clean traffic back to your network using the fastest, most reliable links in real-time.

Key Features

  • Over 155 Tbps of network capacity

  • Mitigate most attacks in under 3 seconds

  • Sub-second threat detection

  • Integrate via BGP routing and GRE encapsulation

  • Always-on and on-demand options

  • Advanced analytics

  • Native integration with L7 services (CDN, WAF, Bot Management, etc.)

  • Support for all IP services (TCP, UDP, IPSec, VoIP, custom protocols)

    ArexDNS network services

    Magic Transit is just one part of the ArexDNS network security and solutions family. ArexDNS offers built-in services — like DDoS mitigation, branch connectivity, software-defined Zero-Trust functionality, and network firewalling — on a single global network that replaces patchwork appliances. Connect, secure, and accelerate your corporate network with ArexDNS.