Enterprise DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI)

Modernize application networking to enable NetOps DevOps, and SecOps to deploy and deliver applications and network infrastructure more quickly, efficiently, and securely.



Automate routine DDI Management/network admin tasks

Arex offers a robust and comprehensive catalog of APIs to perform day-to-day network administration activities such as creating networks and managing DNS entries.


Achieve flexibility and portability using a cloud-native solution

Eliminate complexity and save costs by deploying a DDI solution from the same technology provider across multiple environments - public cloud, private cloud, containers, VMs, or bare metal. Avoid capex-heavy expenditures, hardware maintenance fees, and the need to “rip and replace” every 3-5 years with subscription licensing.



Gain the freedom to scale easily

Scale up quickly and easily as your network grows without being constrained by artificial limits such as compute capacity, queries per second (QPS) or leases per second (LPS). Don’t be encumbered by artificial licensing limits imposed by traditional DDI vendors. Arex DDI’s containerized solution enables you to scale easily and quickly to meet the growing demands of your network.


Eliminate complexity of delivering network services across a hybrid cloud environment

Achieve frictionless connectivity between apps in the cloud and apps/data on premise by deploying Arex as the primary DNS.



Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Don’t spend money and effort on costly appliances to deliver network services at remote locations and branch offices. Arex’s DDI solution is so lightweight that it could even be deployed on a Linux switch making it ideal for remote locations with minimal IT footprint.


Deliver blazingly fast apps by deploying DNS/DHCP services close to the edge/client

Arex’s advanced traffic steering makes it easy to manage traffic and workloads across your wide area network. Replace your outdated GSLB appliance with Arex’s modern, vendor agnostic approach to GSLB and traffic steering.



Small footprint delivers blazingly fast apps

Arex’s small footprint allows network engineers to deliver network services closest to the edge/client - for example, Arex’s DDI can be deployed on Linux switches at remote locations.

Arex Enterprise DDI

Explore how Arex Enterprise DDI can evolve with next-generation DNS solutions.

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