The Future of Cybersecurity

Arex SASE, like everything we do, is designed from the ground up to simplify your cybersecurity experience.
We feel that an effective SASE approach must achieve three critical goals:

Award-winning Security

The spyware that targets Fortune 500 firms also targets private users. Arex employs the same award-winning security measures that keep those businesses safe.

Better Performance

Arex analyzes and cleans your computer, eradicating any viruses that may be slowing it down. You will notice an immediate difference.

Threat Protection

Protect your valuable and sensitive information by preventing malware, ransomware, and other dangers from stealing or damaging files, documents, and images.

Network Protection

Secure and connect your infrastructure with the power of Arex Network Protection.

IoT Device Management

Arex Management for Ingestion and Beyond

With Arex, the command line is no longer the only way to manage security settings, monitor the stack, ingest and roll up your data, or configure additional Arex features. While we have really excellent APIs, managing and securing the Arex from the comfort of a visual UI is more intuitive for a broader audience.