Leverage a single pane of glass for your entire infrastructure

Provide a monitoring solution for multi-tenant environments

Deploy Arex as the central point of monitoring for multiple organizations:

  • Utilize user groups to isolate tenants from each other
  • Define user roles to control user access to different Arex functions
  • Create unique dashboards, maps and templates for different tenants
  • Keep your tenants up to date with their environment by configuring scheduled reports


Enterprise grade security


Create flexible widget based dashboards

Arex web UI provides multiple ways of presenting a visual overview of your IT environment:

  • Widget-based multi-page dashboards
  • Easy drag and drop widget placement
  • Configure automatic dashboard refresh intervals
  • Ability to clone an existing dashboard
  • Private and public dashboards
  • Flexible graphs capable of displaying regular and aggregate data
  • Create map hierarchy trees and use them to navigate through your infrastructure
  • Execute a script directly from a dashboard and remediate an issue or display additional information


Get alerted on critical issues


Collect and display inventory information

Automatically collect and store inventory information:

  • Use collected metrics to provide inventory information about your hosts
  • Combine native inventory data collection with Arex API to provide additional inventory data
  • Get an overview of your overall inventory by grouping your hosts based on inventory information
  • Provide and keep track of geo-map monitoring target coordinates
  • Dynamically update existing inventory information from collected metrics