Scale Without Limits

Scale UpYour Arex Infrastructure

Add an extra layer of scalability by deploying Arex proxies. Scale up to collect millions of metrics from hundreds of thousands of devices, services, applications, and more. Arex proxies are easy to deploy and enable unlimited vertical scalability:

  • Delegate metric collection to Arex proxies
  • Deploy an unlimited amount of Arex proxies
  • Monitor thousands of remote locations, company branches, data centers
  • Deploy Arex proxies from packages, containers or cloud images
  • Reduce network overhead - traffic between central Arex server backend and proxies is compressed!
  • Stay compliant with the highest security standards by using TLS PSK or certificate encryption with full control of permitted security algorithms

Monitor Remote Locations Without Fear Of Data Loss

Monitor locations all over the globe! Collect metrics from remote locations securely and prevent data loss even in case of a network outage. By deploying Arex proxies you can:

  • Monitor behind the firewall, DMZ
  • Collect data even in case of network issues
  • Remotely run custom scripts on monitoring targets for automatic problem remediation
  • Distribute your monitoring across an unlimited number of locations all over the globe

With Arex proxies you can execute remote commands in remote locations - either on the proxies themselves or on the agents monitored by the proxy.


Avoid Downtime With High Availability

Prevent data loss and add an extra layer of redundancy with Arex High Availability:

  • Deploy a secondary Arex backend server to prevent data loss in case of an issue
  • Having HA enables you to perform seamless OS level maintenance and deploy the latest OS updates without any downtime

Deploy multiple Arex frontends to avoid downtime and improve the user experience

  • Deploy multiple frontends all over the globe for optimal UX across different teams or departments
  • Implement load balancing between your frontends for best performance
  • Multiple frontends allow you to avoid downtimes and perform maintenance tasks on individual frontend servers

Preserve And Store Your Data

Define flexible storage periods for different data sets:

  • History data
  • Hourly trends
  • Events
  • Audit log entries
  • Other data
  • Frontend user sessions

Arex is capable of storing history metrics and collecting hourly metric trends for an unlimited time period.

For example, to preserve database storage space, you may opt-in to store the history data for 6 months while storing hourly trends for 2 years:

  • Out of the box partitioning support improves the performance and ease of removing old data

With Arex you are the sole owner of your data:

  • None of the collected data or telemetry get sent to Arex or any other 3rd parties