The Internet Is Fragile. Be The First To Know When Your Site Is In Danger.


Receive problem alerts

Use multiple messaging channels to notify the responsible person or people about the different kinds of events occurring in your environment:

Alerting systems:

  • VictorOPS
  • Opsgenie
  • Pagerduty
  • SIGNL4
  • And more


SMS for reliable alerts using USB modems

Online SMS gateways

Communication platforms:

  • Slack
  • MS Teams
  • Telegram
  • And more

Webhooks for integration with external messaging, ITSM or ticketing systems


Customize alert messages

Define different messages for different messaging channels. You can either utilize the default message templates or create and customize your own message template:

  • Customize messages based on issue type and the role of the recipient
  • Enrich messages with any runtime and inventory information
  • Send scheduled PDF reports for insight and long term analysis of data

Escalate for faster resolution

Define escalation scenarios of varying complexity depending on the required workflow. From simple notifications and escalations to different users, to delayed notifications and automatic issue remediation:

  • Immediately inform users about new problems
  • Proactively execute remote scripts
  • Repeat notifications until problem is resolved
  • Delay notifications and remote commands
  • Escalate problems to other user groups
  • Different escalation paths for acknowledged and unacknowledged problems
  • Send a recovery message to all of the involved parties
  • Unlimited number of escalation steps

Let Arex resolve your issues automatically

With Arex you can not only receive a notification about a problem but also automatically resolve it. A remediation script or command can be executed to attempt and resolve the issue:

Execute a remediation script to:

  • Restart a service
  • Manage your cloud resources
  • Perform automatic resource rescaling
  • Executing any other custom logic