Deploy in 5 minutes on-premise or in the cloud

Install Arex in minutes

Arex provides many different ways how you can deploy individual Arex components:

  • Use official packages, docker or cloud images for fast deployment
  • Use templates to manage monitoring of thousands of devices, make local overrides if needed
  • Deploy a PoC environment from a preconfigured virtual machine appliance image

Save your time by using out-of-the-box templates

Vast selection of out-of-the-box templates provides the ability to immediately start monitoring your infrastructure:

  • Use out-of-the-box templates for your devices and systems
  • Customize existing templates or build new custom templates
  • Use hundreds of templates built by Arex community
  • Apply for the Professional template building service from the Arex team
  • Templates enable ease of management and automate monitoring for your devices

Discover devices and services on your network

Arex will automatically scan your network and add discovered devices for monitoring:

  • Discovery of devices having multiple network interfaces
  • Specify IP address ranges for the network scan
  • Detect lost devices and define custom offboarding logic

Scan your network hosts for availability by scanning for different services:

  • Perform simple pings
  • Check for SNMP availability
  • Look for response from Arex agent
  • Probe for TCP, HTTP, FTP services
  • And many more

Automate metric collection and problem threshold creation

Resource discovery enables Arex to automatically discover metrics on your monitoring endpoints:

  • Resource discovery: automatically create items, triggers and graphs for discovered elements on a host
  • Use resource discovery to automatically create monitoring targets based on the received data

Resource discovery is virtually limitless. Discover entities such as:

  • Network interfaces
  • Services
  • CPUs
  • File systems
  • Docker containers
  • Java application MBeans
  • SNMP entities
  • IPMI sensors
  • Custom components for your in-house application

Automate agent deployment

Automatically discover your Arex agents and start monitoring them immediately:

  • Populate agents with customizable metadata
  • Define custom onboarding workflows which will react to different metadata values
  • React to changes in agent metadata

Define custom device onboarding logic, depending on the agent metadata:

  • Assign a host to a host group
  • Apply a monitoring template that matches the discovered service
  • Notify your administrators

Onboard and offboard discovered devices automatically

Define custom device onboarding and offboarding workflow, depending on the device type:

  • Assign a host to a host group
  • Apply a monitoring template that matches the discovered service
  • Notify your administrators

Keep your infrastructure up to date with seamless upgrades

The Arex upgrade process is simple - just deploy the new version of Arex Server, Proxy and UI and you are done. No loss of existing data, configuration or functionality:

  • Backward and forward compatibility of all Arex components within one major release to ensure quick and easy upgrade process
  • Arex agents are backwards compatible with previous major releases