Monitor any possible server performance metrics and incidents

Server performance

  • High CPU or memory utilization
  • Network bandwidth usage
  • Packet loss rate
  • Interface error rate
  • Number of tcp connections is anomaly high for this day of the week
  • Aggregate throughput of core routers is low

Server availability

  • Free disk space is low
  • System status is in warning/critical state
  • Device temperature is too high / too low
  • Power supply is in critical state
  • Fan is in critical state
  • No SNMP data collection
  • Network connection is down

Showcase your service uptime with status page.

Communicate incidents and maintenances to your users within status pages and decent e-mails.

Configuration changes

  • New components added or removed
  • Network module is added, removed or replaced
  • Firmware has been upgraded
  • Device serial number has changed
  • Interface has changed to lower speed or half-duplex mode

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