Gain additional insights by powerful data visualization

Display the Collected Data in Many Possible Ways

Define widget-based dashboards displaying relevant information:

  • Large selection of many different widgets
  • Simple drag and drop placement and scaling of widgets
  • Each widget is highly customizable to fit your needs
  • Display metrics, problems, infrastructure and geo maps on your dashboards
  • Display your current business service SLA information on your dashboards

Keep track of your monitoring targets on an interactive geo-map

  • Select from multiple geo-map providers
  • Display a geographical overview of your environment on Arex dashboards
  • Access any of your monitoring targets from the geo-map
  • Group your monitoring targets into a cluster on the geo-map
  • Follow the status of individual monitoring targets or the whole cluster

Present status of your infrastructure on maps

Display statuses of your elements together with real time data to get a detailed overview of your infrastructure on a Arex map:

  • Ability to display any data in real time on your maps
  • Easy drag-and-drop map element deployment
  • Clone and modify existing maps
  • Execute scripts within your infrastructure from the map screen
  • Create multi-level maps with submaps
  • Context-based interaction with map elements
  • Create linkages between map elements
  • Create nested maps - change the scope of your current view with a click of a button

Analyze and correlate metrics with graphs

Define custom graphs or access ad-hoc graphs with a click of a button:

  • Multiple graph types
  • Displaying of problems on the graphs
  • Flexible time navigator
  • Display single or multiple metrics with a click of a button
  • Use of trend data for long term data overview
  • Display aggregated data graphs
  • Export graphs as images
  • Display history data for any period of time

Generate scheduled PDF reports

Receive scheduled PDF reports providing useful statistics of your environment:

  • Get reports delivered straight to your Inbox
  • Can be scheduled for daily, weekly, or monthly delivery
  • Notify your customers about their infrastructure health

Now any Arex dashboardΒ can be turned into a PDF report!