Intelligence Experts

Intelligence Experts

Arex’s All-Source Intelligence Fusion platform, breaks through your data siloes to provide a unified intelligence picture across government databases, Signal Intelligence and Web Intelligence sources, financial records, text, audio, images, video and much more. empowers analysts and investigators to work smarter and faster, using advanced analytics and visualization tools to uncover hidden connections and extract actionable insights from vast amounts of seemingly unrelated data.

Propel Your Team to New Insights

Easily search and visualize all your data in one place

Uncover hidden connections and gain deep insight into targets with automatic profiling, visual link analysis, statistical views and geo-spatial visualization

Automatically extract insights from unstructured text, audio, images and video

Managed Identity – 24/7 Platform Health, PIM, PAM, Access Control Provisioning

Maximum Intelligence

Eliminate the need for manual data preparation and correlation

Accelerate your work with guided workflows based on best practice intelligence research and investigation methodologies

Save time and streamline processes across the full investigation cycle while ensuring that no organizational knowledge is lost

Flexible and Future-Ready

Flexibly make changes without coding or professional services

Independently add new data sources, new entity types & fields, add & modify relation types, and control how data is displayed and used

Eliminate the need for external consultants at your premises - keep your data confidential

Cyber Security Is Complicated, Weβ€˜re Here To Help