PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance

The threat of credit card fraud and information theft across the global retail industry has never been more prevalent. PCI compliance, governance and risk management practices are imperative for all organizations interacting with cardholder data.
Arex Group is a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and Authorized Scanning Vendor (ASV). Our expertise includes the assessment of PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) as well as the implementation or remediation of PCI initiatives.

Our PCI Compliance Services Include:

QSA Report On Compliance On-Site Audits

Internal Quarterly Vulnerability Assessments

Annual Penetration Self-Assessment

Annual Penetration Testing

Risk Assessments

Questionnaire (SAQ) Preparation and Review

PCI Cardholder Data Environment Scoping

PCI DSS Controls Gap Analysis

Authorized Scanning Vendor Scanning

Network Segmentation Designs

Remediation Assistance

Accelerate Your PCI Compliance Initiatives with Arex Group

We offer a hands-on, flexible approach, tailored to meet your organization’s uniqueness and requirements.

With comprehensive security expertise in Advisory Services, Identity and Incident Response, we take a holistic approach to your compliance assessment services.

We can review your organization’s existing control framework, identifying where you are most vulnerable to cyber threats through penetration tests, social engineering assessments, red-teaming operations, and more.

Our cyber experts contribute to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, providing insight on PCI DSS evolutions and revisions. We offer thought leadership through webinars, blogs, and at PCI DSS events.

We have decades of experience in Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, risk and security frameworks (ISO, NIST), and expertise in emerging privacy domains like GDPR.

We’ve been recognized industry-wide as a cybersecurity expert – #1 on Cybersecurity 500, IDC Security Services Leader and Security Company of the Year

Customer Success Story

Payment Processor Supporting Billions of Transactions Per Year

How We Delivered

Ability to navigate the client’s highly complex environment

Leveraged two internal teams to provide the consulting service and onsite audit within 2 months​.​

Helped the client build a stronger control framework internally to facilitate a smoother and successful audit the following year

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